Does the iTouch require a data plan to text message and access the internet?

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    The iPod Touch does not require a data plan. Data is only possible through a WiFi connection. If you are interested in using it besides on a WiFi connection, you can tether it from a device that already has cellular access (phones or MiFi's). Ask your cellular provided for more details.

    • Answered by Ryan S
    • 09 17, 12
  • Nope. All you need is WiFi. But remember, you will use up data on your home's internet package when you download apps or songs.

    • Answered by Deborah S from Alto
    • 09 19, 12
  • Nope. It is completely free. Unfortunately, it requires a Wi-Fi connection.

    • Answered by A D from Gilbert
    • 09 17, 12
  • Does the iPod touch require a data plan

    • Answered by Tim C from Riverside
    • 10 11, 13