How do I "Authorize" this computer to play my music?

2 Answers from the Community

  • If you have a macbook, this will work, enter iTunes, then without exiting iTunes go to the menu in the upper right screen of the desktop. Then click store, then authorize account, put in your apple I.D and password an then your computer is authorized

    • Answered by Annemarie D from Scotch Plains
    • 04 7, 13
  • Open iTunes, go in the Store menu (at the top) and select Authorize this computer.

    Then, enter your AppleID and password.

    You are allowed up to 5 iTunes activated with your account. Once you reach this limit, you can "reset" your accounts by looking up the apple article named "iTunes Store: About authorization and deauthorization" (HT1420).

    • Answered by Bernard D from Rosemere
    • 04 6, 13