i have an iphone should i get an ipod

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    NO!!! the iphone is way better. with the ipod touch yoou need wifi to go on some apps, and with the iphone you dont need wifi. with the iphone if you lose your iphone you can locate it, but with the ipod touch to locate it, the ipod touch has to be conected to wifi.

    so i should stick with the iphone.

    i hope i helped you out (:

    • Answered by Samie G from Green Bay
    • 04 18, 13
  • Your iPhone plays music just like an iPod will. If you buy an iPod, you'd be carrying two devices for naught. Save your money and stick with the iPhone!

    • Answered by Michele W from Waldorf
    • 04 8, 13
  • Depends. Of course the iPhone encompasses EVERYTHING including the ability to make calls. Based on that alone, there is no need, it is a WANT. I WANTED the touch in addition to the phone and got it with no regrets. Most people do not purchase a 32 or 64gb phone... So...the average smartphone is limited in space so it may not be able to accommodate all of the music, pictures, games, notes, movies and other apps that tickle our fancy.

    Bearing that in mind, I purchased a refurbished 64gb iPod touch so that I can do whatever else I want with no regrets or need to find space. In addition, should I decide to purchase a different type of cell phone in the future, I still retain my beloved apps I purchased from iTunes.

    • Answered by Joy G from Saint Albans
    • 04 7, 14
  • you have iphone why you wanna get ipod ? what generation you have? if you have 4th get iphone 5th instead and the old one sell it or give it away to family friends (which i would you wont do it lol) is your business

    • Answered by Anduela L from Hicksville
    • 03 29, 13