is ipod 4 any good?

i am thinking of buying an ipod 5 but i was just thinking that is the ipod 4 any good? like what are the advantages and disadvantage of buying ipod touch 5g over ipod touch 4g?

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    well being an owner of the ipod 4g there are lots of differences.
    1. the camera is sharper and of better quality 5mp think the ipod 4 is like 2 mp also added a flash
    2. screen resolution is better on 5g also larger
    3. better maps and location services (won't lead you into the ocean anymore just a ditch instead)
    4. way faster processor almost twice as fast, same as ipad mini duel core
    5. faster charging and new mini port
    6. better ear buds i'm sure they stink as well not sure.
    7. strap (included)
    8. siri included but you can use EVI on ipod 4 works just the same.

    • Answered by Victor C from Troy
    • 02 20, 13
  • Yes the iPod 4 is good! It has a HD camera and video including HD facetime! I know it does not have IOS 7 but it is still good with, music, apps, camera, facetime, and much more! The iPod 5 is a little bit better but I say that the iPod 4 is still in use! Besides, I have an iPod 4th gen. too! Also if you want to trade in your iPod 4th gen. for the 5th, just send it in and you can get the 5th 10% off! I love apple so I will be answering most queshtons out there! Just ask I respond! I hope I helped you! Thanks!

    • Answered by Colton D
    • 11 24, 13
  • Camera wise, the iPod touch fifth generation has a 5 megapixel sensor with iPhone 5 quality optics, and is capable of shooting 1080p HD video. It also focuses well. The back camera of the fourth generation iPod touch is a mere .7 megapixels and cannot focus.

    Front facing camera wise, the fifth generation iPod touch has a first-generation FaceTime HD camera, which shoots at 720p HD and is 1.3 megapixels. The fourth generation's front camera is 0.3 (VGA quality) which can leave pictures turning grainy.

    Performance wise, the fifth generation iPod touch uses the dual-core A5 chip, which is about the same performance wise alongside the iPhone 4s, iPad 2, iPad 3rd generation, and iPad mini (1st gen). The iPod touch fourth generation is weaker than both the iPhone 4 (which barely runs iOS 7) and the original iPad. It uses a single-core A4 chip.

    Display wise the fifth generation iPod touch uses the same 4 inch Retina display also found on the iPhone 5, iPhone 5c, and iPhone 5s. The fourth generation iPod touch uses a Retina display similar to that of the iPhone 4, but it lacks good color saturation.

    The iPod touch fifth generation is capable of running iOS 7 pretty smoothly and does it justice. The iPod touch fourth generation can barely keep up with iOS 6, and is not able to receive iOS 7.

    All in all, if you're talking about the long-term, get the fifth generation iPod touch.

    • Answered by Zachary S from Nescopeck
    • 12 27, 13
  • The ipod 5th generation is better to get because it has much better filming quality and much better of anything. Everything in the 5th generation is better than the 4th

    • Answered by Deborah C from Terrace
    • 03 5, 13
  • Ipod 5 is way better i rather get ipod 5. I'm using ipod 5 to write this

    • Answered by Tanya V from Picton
    • 01 20, 14