Should i get an iPod 5th generation for 100 Euro cheaper or should I get iPod 6th generation?

I'm Not Sure.

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    I reccomend a iPod 6th generation. It works much better (the colors are better, too) and doesn't glitch as much. hope that helps!

    • Answered by Mitch P from Indianapolis
    • 08 20, 16
  • I say get the 6th Generation, reason being that there is a considerable gap in terms of specs and performance. With the iPod 5th gen you get 200 and 400 scores for benchmarks, and with the 6th gen the scores are 1300 and 2400. That's almost 3 times as much better performance from one generation to the next. That means you will be able to get the most out of your iPod 6th gen in terms of games and speed of the device itself. It will also last you longer down the road because of these specs and Apple will support it longer with iOS updates. I'm was in the same debate but I went with the 6th gen and don't regret it. Hope this helped.

    • Answered by Steven T from Dallas
    • 06 30, 16
  • 5 is Nice AND cheapest AND i GOT IT AND IT is really fast AND good so i would Go for that

    • Answered by Andre O
    • 08 8, 16