What should i get for my kids at home a ipad mini or there own ipods 5th generation

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    I think that a ipod would be good for kids because they will want to use there iDevice a lot and if they cant they will hate it like my friend Ian he doe not like his ipad min i because he can not put it in his pocket so i feel bad for him so i would reccomend the ipod 5 until they get to high school because then they will need please take my answer correctly i think the ipod 5 is better for kids

    • Answered by Kimberly V from Hudsonville
    • 03 30, 13
  • I'm asking myself the same question. My boys (7 and 10) use my iPad2 a lot and don't think they'll need/want to carry their iDevice with them but use it mostly at home (or in the car on family travel). So I'm thinking the iPad mini might be ideal for my 10-year-old.

    • Answered by RenĂ©e B
    • 01 13, 13