which case is best for the ipod touch 5g?

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    Survivor case cause it gives more protection then otter box and it is UK and US military tested it has the logo that says so and it is not lying cause if they were the company owner would be in jail

    • Answered by Sahil P from Perry
    • 01 12, 13
  • otterbox because it protects the whole entire ipod

    • Answered by Lorraine B from Jacksonville
    • 10 18, 12
  • The survival case because it is a hard and tough because it has been tested buy real soldiers it can fight of dirt sand gravel and if you have got one from grifen it can withstand bullets.

    • Answered by Hector S
    • 10 31, 13
  • I would say the speck candy shell for $29

    • Answered by Peter E from Orchard Park
    • 05 8, 13