Will an iPhone 6 case fit an Ipod Touch 6th gen?

I want to buy an iPod touch touch 6th gen, but most of the cases I can find/want only fit the iPhone 5-6. Would these cases be any good for the iPod?

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    iPhone 5 cases will fit an iPod touch 6th gen with a little wiggle but iPhone 6 cases will not as they are larger and not the same dimensions.

    • Answered by Ryan H from Shanghai
    • 06 16, 16
  • No to iphone 6 because the iphone 6 is much larger than an iphone 5 so for the iphone 5 it would be a better fit even though it would wiggle a bit , so i would suggest for the ipod5/6 go for the iphone 5 case . and for the ipod 4 it wont fit in a iphone 5/6 case it would be to small but if you get an iphone 4 case and a ipod 4 case it will work and put the ipod intothe ipod case then the phone case it will work .

    • Answered by Ally B from Hamilton
    • 12 23, 15