Will the FM radio in the new nano work over bluetooth without the earbuds plugged in?

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    No the FM tuner cannot be used over Bluetooth connection (unless apple changes its IPOD circuitry).

    For the Tuner to work. the wired headphones or earplugs must be plugged in. This is because the wires in the headphones/earphones act as the radio antenna. The wires capture the Radio Frequency energy and bring it into the radio. The audio (music) signal and the radio Station signal are very far apart in frequency and don't interfere with each other.

    When you plug your earphones into the IPOD, there is a micro switch in the headphone jack that switches the radio's audio output to the earphones and turns off the Bluetooth (or doesn't transmit the audio over the Bluetooth).

    Many portable music players use the earphones as the radio antenna. It is an easy and accepted solution. Apple could choose to be innovative and allow Bluetooth connection for radio listening. Apple could engineer a solution to this issue if they wanted to, but so far they have chosen not to do it.

    Lastly, it may be illegal to rebroadcast FM radio signals over another transmission medium. it might lead to music piracy...

    • Answered by John B from Chesapeake
    • 09 26, 13
  • I can't get the nano 7 FM radio to work with my blue tooth head phones. I think you need wired earphones to act as an antennae for the radio.

    • Answered by Adam G from New York
    • 11 26, 12
  • I to was a bit surprised that the FM radio would not go to Bluetooth. I was hoping to use the Nano as a tuner as well as a music player while in the house.

    But the buds do act as an antenna. Just as an experiment, I got an audio splitter cable (for two headphones on a single output), plugged in the buds in one and an amplified speaker in the other and the FM radio audio does come out of both. I also just plugged in the speakers and got the FM radio output, so it seems any external connection may suffice as long as there is enough cable to be a FM radio antenna. May try a Bluetooth transmitter when I chase one down to check further.

    May not be the answer people are looking for but it appears there is an alternative way to approach this.....

    • Answered by Arthur H from Tempe
    • 01 5, 14
  • Per Apple's support article HT5470: iPod nano (7th generation): Frequently used features, Note: FM radio will not play through a Bluetooth accessory.

    • Answered by Cameron T from Austin
    • 09 11, 13
  • Not sure exactly what you are asking... if you are asking if the sound can be transmitted to a bluetooth speaker.. yes.

    If you have the headphones plugged in, all the sound is diverted to the headphones. So you can't have headphones + bluetooth speakers going at the same time (at least on mine you can't, it is an older ipod though).

    • Answered by Kelly A from Luling
    • 10 16, 12