11" mba, 13"mbp, or 13"mbp

I'm currently a high school freshman, and i need a laptop that will probably get me through high school, and maybe some of college. I'll just be surfing the web, powerpoint, itunes, writing papers, and do some cad with either autodesk inventor or solidworks for robotics. which one should i get? and should i get new ones or used ones. please include configurations, but keep in mind, im only a freshman, and i dont have that much money

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    I think that the 13 inch MBP would be great for you. The 13 inch MBA ia $100 more then the 13 MBP but the 13 MBP has more power and runs more smoothly. You wont need to bring your computer to High School and by college you will probably need a new computer. You should get a new one, so you can buy a quality product that will last you 4+ years.

    (Typed on a Macbook Pro, 13)

    • Answered by Drew S from Monarch Beach
    • 04 9, 12