13 in or 15 in Macbook Pro?

I'm gonna start college in the fall at Oral Roberts University. I'm planning on majoring in worship arts with a minor in graphic design/photography.. I could easily get the 13 inch but I'm afraid it'll be too small for me.. would it be best to spend the extra money and get the 15 inch? HELP ASAP PLEASE!

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    Go 15 inch for sure. Not for the extra space but for the upgraded internals. See, the 13 inch model only has integrated graphics - not good for graphic design. Go with the Retina display model If you can. It is perfect for graphic design with the high resolution display and GPU power. If you can't afford it stick with 15 inch regular pro. These both have an independent graphics processor. The 15 inch regular however only offers the 1gb of video ram (which I recommend) on the more expensive configuration which is the the same price as the retina. So again go for retina. You'll get a $200 discount for being a student and you'll be able to get Adobe design and web standard cs6 for $350 but only when you are buying the computer (must order over phone to get yhe extra $100 of though to make it $350). In the end go 15 inch. Do not get 13 inch.

    • Answered by Thomas H from North Little Rock
    • 06 20, 12
  • Well if your going to minor in graphic design, then it would actually be best to get the 15" model of the Macbook Pro with retina display. The only problem with that is there is no DVD drive in the model so you would have to get the Superdrive as well. If you going to college the you might want to give some thought to the Macbook Air. I have one and I bring it to school everyday and I don't even now its in my backpack because its so light.

    • Answered by Cindy F from Athens
    • 07 2, 12