13 inch macbook pro with retina display vs 15 inch mac book pro?

I am a graduate school student and planning to purchase a mac book pro, and I am split between the 15 inch macbook pro and the 13 inch macbook pro with retina display. Beside daily school work and research, web surfing and the normal computer stuff. I will also use it for presentation, some graphic design (Photoshop). Which one should I get??

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  • I really don't find a huge difference with the retina displays over the regular ones. Mainly because the regular displays Apple use are of such a high quality anyway.
    One main difference between the 13" & 15" models is the fact that the 15" has 2 video cards. One for the built in display & 1 for the external display, projectors etc.

    Another difference is that the 15" model has Audio In & Out where as the 13" only has audio out.

    If you are not going down the pro photo or video route & just do some part time graphics, get a regular display. I use the 13" as I find the overall size of the device to be more user friendly.

    • Answered by Vinny O
    • 08 23, 14