13 inch or 15 inch macbook pro for uni?


Im going to be in university next year and i want to buy a macbook pro but im not sure which one to get?

i want one where i can type my notes during lecture and do my assignment on it and im planning to studying marketing or accounting!


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    13" will be sufficient im sure. It has ample performance for what you will need it for.

    Carrying it to and from the library and lectures you will appreciate the weight and size difference between them.

    And if you really want a bigger screen for watching tv in your room or editing large spreadsheets, spend the price difference on an external monitor, and just plug it in when you get home.

    And if you like, you could even get an external keyboard and mouse, and hey presto you've got a desktop.

    If you told me you were studying a media or computer science course i would say the 15", but for everything else the 13" is fine. And another option is the 13" MBA if your going to carry it round every day.

    • Answered by Ben B
    • 04 15, 12
  • I think that a 15" should suffice you for years to come. The 13" in my opinion is just to slow, overtime everything gets slower due to various factors and eventually you need one with a better processer. Therefore a 15" would be better because it has a quad-core processor and a dedicated graphics card, increasing the chances of doing what you need it to for a greater amount of time.

    • Answered by Joshua M from Smithers
    • 06 21, 12