13" MacBook Air or 13" MacBook Pro?

I'm about to buy my first MacBook and need some help, I was waiting for the 13" rMBP but its way too expensive so I've decided to go with the 13" Air or Pro. I'm leaning towards the Air because of its looks and portability.

As I know very little about specifications I was wondering if someone could help me answer a few question;

Is 128gb flash storage enough in the air?
Is the 1.8GHz i5 quick?
Will I need an optical drive or can everything be downloaded now?
Is 4GB of ram enough?

Basically, I want the air but only if it is going to be quick while; web browsing, streaming, downloading, using word and excel (or apples equivalent) and gaming

Thanks for any help

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    I have had a MacBook Air for almost 2 years now and find it quite good for all of the functions (except gaming, which I don't do) that you mention. I previously had a 15" MacBook Pro and found it too heavy to bother taking anywhere. Now I travel with the Air daily.

    Streaming YouTube, downloading iTunes songs, etc, is fine and the only bother I have with upload or download speeds is trying to sync large media files with Dropbox: it can be frustratingly slow (but I am talking Gigabytes of files...). I rip DVDs to the Air and keep quite a few on that 128 gb drive, plus a healthy iTunes library, but otherwise store documents and photos in Dropbox and iCloud (meaning you don't necessarily have to have a huge internal hard drive...

    I don't do gaming on the Air and if I were a gamer, I'd probably recommend the MacBook with the faster processor, more RAM and I'd put an SSD in it rather than a mechanical hard drive. The Air, I think, is all about mobility and productivity, with a bit of entertainment on the side.

    • Answered by Michael C from Edmonton
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  • For the air, I would upgrade to an intel i7, and the 256 gb model with 8 gb of ram should do fine, although the notebook that I'm in love w/ is the Mbpr 13" model with 8 gb of ram and a 256 fash storage. The MacBook Pro retna is definitely the best choice over the air. You really want power, not looks, and if you do travel a lot, get the air with spec upgrades. Hope that helped.

    • Answered by Noah D
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