2014 MacBook Pro Retina Vs. Late 2013 IMac 27”

I just sold my old macbook, and am going to be getting a new one. What i will be getting either 1; a 2014 15.4" 2.8 ghz refurbished and a thunderbolt display; or 2: a late 2013 imac 27" and an ipad(the portability is not an issue if i get an ipad). all i usually do is internet videos, itunes, microsoft office, and ti-nspire cas. I have to say i prefered the 2014 15",2.2ghz i just sold, over the mac mini(2012-i7) i also just sold

My question is,

1. Is there anything i wont be able to do with the macbook that i can do on the imac?

2. Also, i notice my macbook got hot, can the mbp support a thunderbolt display and playing a video on my tv(with the macbook closed?

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