2015 Macbook air 128gb or 256 gb

I'm considering buying the 2015 macbook air and I want to know what to upgrade. I will choose for 8gb ram instead of 4gb ram. That's for sure! But Then I have to choose between upgrading the processor or take a 256 gb storage.

The issue is: I don't know if I really need 256gb storage. I'm a college student and studying economics. I will use the macbook air for word, excel, powerpoint....(need to figure out how to integrate acces). I will browse the internet a lot and mail and stuff. If there might be a storage problem I could still buy an external hard drive.
For the processor: I think I wont notice the difference between the standard i5 and the i7 so I think I'll stay with the i5.

I'm sure about the 8 gb ram but I don't know if I should take the 256 gb storage.

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    Go for more RAM and bigger hard drive. I doubt the difference in processor speed will make much difference to performance in the real world. It's amazing how quickly things fill up nowadays.

    • Answered by Kurt T
    • 08 4, 15