27 inch i5 or 21.5 i7 for video editing

ok so i was wondering i could either get the 21.5 inch imac with i7 and 16gb ram or the 27 inch i5 with 16 gb ram the 27 inch has a better GPU and higher ghz i plan on editing gameplay videos onto youtube such as facecams and stuff anything would help thanks

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    The 27 inch, you get more screen for editing, however, the 21.5 inch has better performance, even if the GHz is slower on the i7 3.1GHz, it is still faster then the i5 3.2GHz, but not by much.

    Basically it comes down to the size, I would personally get the faster one, and it would save you $100 in the end as well.

    • Answered by Denton L from Temple
    • 07 9, 15
  • Hmmmm. Thats tough. The 27 inch screen would be a beast at editing but the 21.5 inch with i7 would run really smooth with gaming. I'd go with the 27 inch. It would be pretty smooth with gaming and the 27 inch screen would make gaming and editing look clearer. The 27 inch screen will really make your gaming look nice and since it's 27 inches, it would give you a lot of "screen real-estate" if you will while editing, so multitasking would be nice. You could have a Skype call running and play Minecraft at the same time with all of that space. So yeah, go for the 27 inch, but if you are on a budget, the 21.5 inch wouldn't be bad either.
    Hope I helped! :D
    Have fun with your iMac!

    • Answered by Dani P from Old Bridge
    • 07 10, 15
  • A bit late to the conversation on this one, but I would go with the 27". You can always add more RAM to help with performance. A few people I know that have bought the smaller version, then wished they had gone with the bigger screen. There is much more room for palettes etc.

    • Answered by Kurt T
    • 08 4, 15