As an incoming college freshman, should I get the 2015 MacBook or the 13 in. MacBook Pro with Retina Display?

I am going to be a college freshman and I am unsure of which laptop to get. I am between the 2015 MacBook or the 13 in. MacBook Pro with Retina Display. I want this computer to last me at least the next four years. I will be writing a lot of papers and will need a lot of storage for things like documents, music, photos and more. I will also be bringing my laptop with me top classes and the library a lot. Finally, I would like it to run any software updates well and be able to manage multiple tabs opened on Google Chrome. Thank you for helping!

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    I would choose the Macbook Pro instead of the Macbook 2015.
    If you compare these two, the Macbook Pro starts at 2.7 GHz while Macbook 2015 starts at 1.1 GHz in processor.
    According to their website, the Pro has up to 16 GB in memory and up to 1 TB flash storage, but the Macbook 2015 only has 8 GB memory and up to 512 GB flash storage.
    Also, the Macbook 2015 uses the USB-C port, which can costs you extract to buy adapters.
    In short, if you want faster running speed and larger storage, I would definitely suggest you go for the Macbook Pro; if you prefer prettier and lighter laptop, the Macbook 2015 would be a good choice.
    Hope this helps!

    • Answered by Yuyi X from Perth
    • 08 3, 15