Best laptop for an average, non-techy gal for personal use?

I download games from gamefish occasionally but mostly use it for surfing the web and email. I'm pretty much tech-ignorant; I just open it up and start typing so I really know nothing about flash storage or graphics. Love my MacBook, but it's a pain to travel with and doesn't have a lighted keyboard.

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    Hi Pam,
    I think you should buy a 11' or 13' ( Screen Size ) MacBook Air because it fits your type ( Backlit keyboard, Lightweight, Fast and Thin ). .
    The 13' has got more resolution and more default storage space. It also has a slightly better processor (speed).

    But think about your disk drive needs as in whether you frequently work with cd's because the MacBook Air does not have a inbuilt Cd drive but you can always buy an external one.
    Also if you want to hold on to your laptop for more than 3 years, get it with 8gb RAM as it helps multitasking and increases longetivity as in more number of years before it gets cranky and slow.
    Your gaming needs will be satisfied by this machine.

    But if you really need a cd or DVD drive then go for the base level 13' MacBook Pro but it would be bulkier. It is a tad faster but since it used HDD( slower than the SSD used in MacBook Air ) , you won't find the difference. The pros to buying this is user upgradablity as in you can always upgrade the RAM and Storage Capacity.

    • Answered by Rishi C
    • 06 26, 12
  • Thanks for the advice. I was leaning towards the 13 inch Air but wanted to make sure I wasn't choosing it just because I love the way it looks. Your answer gave me much better reasons. :) Really appreciate it.

    • Answered by Pam D from Bandon
    • 06 27, 12
  • 1. All MacBooks now have a lighted keyboard.
    2. The macbook air is the lightest, but has less screen space (for the cheapest one), and less hard drive.

    • Answered by Nikko S from Florence
    • 06 26, 12