Best laptop for video presentations

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    Assuming that you aren't going to be doing anything with Final Cut Pro X (really any type of video editing), you can use any new laptop. Personally, I would recommend the Macbook Air because it is thin, light, powerful, and cheaper than the Macbook Pro. To get into more specifications, I would recommend the 13" (to me, the 11" is way to small), and you don't need much for video presentations, so I wouldn't upgrade things like the ram (unless you want this to last for a while, then go for whatever you budge allows you to go for). Also, if you are storing a lot on it, you might want to consider upgrading your storage.

    Small side note, while I answered what you want to hear, the true answer is the fully upgraded Macbook Pro 15". It is the best at anything (out of Mac laptops), with the exception of things like weight and battery life, and will stay better than any other 2015 mac laptop, but it is much more expensive, and really overkill.

    • Answered by Alexander S from East Aurora
    • 11 7, 15