Best laptop for writers, and just listening to music

I have an imac but obviously you can't travel with it so I wanted a small laptop that I could write with microsoft word/quarkexpress/final draft. I was going to get a ipad and buy a external keyboard but I realised that saving on to a cloud device would mean I would have to internet access all the time. When traveling I may not get access all the time so I decided on a laptop but not sure what to buy? HELP!! Laptop would be just for writing and listening to music.

2 Answers from the Community

  • If you only need the laptop for writing and music, you should go with the new macbook or macbook air. The new macbook is lighter and thinner, but the macbook air will cost less. Hope this helps

    • Answered by Lincoln M from Middletown
    • 06 12, 15
  • Best Answer:

    It doesn't sound like you'd need a particularly powerful machine, so a macbook air would likely suit you if you don't mind an 11" or 13" screen. If you want a larger screen, a macbook pro comes in 15" and 17" models. I mostly use Word, Powerpoint and Excel so I bought a refurbished 13" macbook pro (non retina display) and it suits all of my needs. I think the airs are up to 512gb of SSD storage now? you can at least get 256

    • Answered by Daniel K from Mt. Wolf
    • 06 8, 15