Best Macbook for web design/coding? 13" or 15"?

I am looking to purchase my first mac and would be using it for web design primarily although it will also be my personal computer so surfing, a bit of gaming, music, videos etc .

Also which inch screen would be best for my needs?

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    I am also a Graphic & Web Designer. I would recommend a 15" MBP for the better processor and graphics card, which is good for your design applications and gaming. Especially in Illustrator when working with the 3D feature. I currently own a 15" MBP and I also do Graphic & Web Design + World of Warcraft - it's perfect except I did not upgrade the memory. I do a lot of multitasking and those 4 gigs are eaten up super fast once I start opening a lot of my apps (time tracking, browser, mail, design application, etc.). If you can, upgrade to the 8gb.

    I'm biased, the antiglare display is beautiful and beneficial when working with true color (pantones).

    • Answered by Lacey B from Atlanta
    • 06 11, 12