Can base model of macbook air 11 (2015) do video editing?

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    Yes it can. As a matter of fact even the MacBook which has lower specs can do video editing. It's just ganna be slower when it comes to render and add effects and those other things. As long as you do light stuff you should be ok. You can try heavier video editing if you have the paitance for it

    • Answered by Ali S from Dayton
    • 01 9, 16
  • Depend on the model of the VIDIO Camara .i have tried to,upload VIDIO from a Sony camcorder that was possible on my previous Sony vio using play memories home it is not possible on iMac .lsugest you check on the computer to see which CAMARAS are suitable you can find a list of CAMARAS

    • Answered by David O
    • 01 10, 16