Can i change some upgrades for my Imac once bought?

Im thinking of buying an Imac 27" the best one and well... im not sure whether i can afford all the upgrades it has now such as ram, processors and graphics cards so is it possible to buy a imac and then get the extra features installed on a later date?
P.S I play World of warcraft quite a bit too and i was wondering what features i should upgrade to improve the FPS on it if i do decide to upgrade, thanks :)

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  • Yes you can upgrade your iMac with better RAM and better hard drives. It's preferred If you bought it on the Apple store. RAM upgrades are available on the apple store and I don't think that Hard Drives are sold on there. You can probably go online and find some drives. If you play World of Warcraft and there is lag on the screen, you should go for a RAM upgrade. The iMac comes with 4 gigs of RAM and that seems to do the trick for me playing Minecraft without any issues.

    • Answered by Braydon C from Saskatoon
    • 08 16, 12