Can i Install in MacbookPro Any Application that i can install in Windows?

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    To my knowledge, to run Windows apps, you must first install Windows via Mac applications such as Apple's Boot Camp, Parallels Desktop for Mac, VMWare Fusion, or VirtualBox. You did not mention which OS you are using, so if you are using Lion, do your homework to see if the current version of these 4 apps are compatible; a Google search such as "apps compatible with Lion" should help.

    However, there is one app, CrossOver Mac, which allows you to run some Windows apps without having to install Windows itself.

    Caveat: My answer is not provided from experience, since I have never run Windows or Windows apps, and know nothing about how well these apps work. My only knowledge on this subject comes from reading about it.

    • Answered by Saundra C from Palm Harbor
    • 11 29, 11