can i play all sorts of games on a mac ?

just played a game on macbook air ,but it was not proper and my computer sound louder as well as it got hot

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  • Okay so here's the thing. Macs are NOT meant for gaming. They're meant for editing and such. You could play some light games such as Minecraft and the computer will inevitably get hot and the fans will run loud. If you are going to play games, go for an iMac because they are desktops. However if you're on a budget, get a MacBook Pro 13 inch Retina Display or Macbook Pro 15 inch Retina Display (15 inch is more ideal because of it's better processor and storage potential.) So I mean, you COULD play games on a macbook air but I wouldn't go for anything too intense like Call of Duty or RPG games.

    • Answered by Dani P from Old Bridge
    • 07 6, 15