can i run Quickbooks Pro 13 on my Mac

I purchased Account Edge software a few years ago, and it as not as user friendly as Quickbooks. Everyone I do business with uses Quickbooks, and it would make it simpler and cost effective to use Quickbooks Pro 2013. Will I be able to run this program, without a lot of hiccups, with all of my Mac products. I have desktop, Macbook Pro laptop, IPad, iPhone, and that is why switched over to Apple, so that everything syncs, and it is "idiot" proof. I am better when everything flows, and runs smoothly.
Please let me know as soon as possible.
Thank you for your help. :)

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    Yes you can but have to install Parallels to use it then works fine.. I'm using quickbooks 2013 but have used 2011 also ...

    • Answered by Paul E
    • 03 5, 13
  • You can run Quickbooks but I don't think you can run Quickbooks Pro. BIG DIFFERENCE! Maybe things have changed recently but I have not been able to find QB PRO for the Mac as a program to download. I need a new computer and would like a Mac but can't do w/o the QB Pro so must stick with pc. rph

    • Answered by Rpaul H from Seward
    • 03 20, 14