Can I run Quicken on a Mac

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    As many others have answered in questions posted earlier here, yes. But it's not the same Quicken as the Windows one. There are actually two Quicken versions that run on new Macs (running Mountain Lion or Lion). One is called Quicken Essentials. I've grown to really like that better than the other Quicken option, although it's somewhat reduced in features versus the other one. It is simpler to use once you get used to it. The other is Quicken 2007 for Mac, Lion compatible version, which has more features, is closer to (but not completely the same as) Quicken on Windows. Intuit recommends that if you are new to Quicken on the Mac, you start with Quicken Essentials. But if you like tracking investments in great detail, Quicken Essentials won't quite hack it. Still, I've been using Quicken on Macs for years in various forms, and am happy with it.

    • Answered by Larry S from Brookline
    • 09 9, 12
  • Yes! Run it under Parallels. Use coherence mode and it is just like any other mac app. I use it daily with the advanced features without issue. Don't waste you money (and time) on anything else. I have a complex quicken structure going back almost 10 years. Nothing comes close to Quicken if you are serious about features and capability. I run a Windows 7 64bit OS under Parallels, I already had the license.

    • Answered by Kevin C from Oregon
    • 11 7, 13