can i upgrade my old imac early 2009 with new hardware like thunderbolt ect including memory and all updated hardware

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    Most likely not. First of all, the internals of the iMac change with every new model and this often includes mounting areas (places where fixings attach) this could mean that the fixing holes in your 2009 logic board won't be in the same place as the 2012 or even 2011 logic boards. Furthermore, the newer models have different port configurations such as thunderbolt as you mentioned, the case for your 2009 iMac won't have the correct placement for the ports and it won't even have a place for the thunderbolt as it didn't exist on iMacs in 2009.

    If you want a new, updated iMac then I suggest you sell your 2009 model and purchase the latest one.

    • Answered by Michael B
    • 09 3, 12