can i upgrade to Yosemite with 2GB memory?

I have an iMac8,1 and running Snow Leopard. Since I can't upgrade to Mavericks, have to use Yosemite. On OSX Daily, I read that 4GB of memory is preferred when upgrading but I only have the minimum 2GB. Will there be a problem upgrading to Yosemite?

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  • Yes, I would only do this with at least 4GB, your iMac will run very slow and be limited to basic email and web browsing, however, you should be able to upgrade you iMac to up to 6GB, there are many guides to how to do this, it won't be too hard, however if you feel uncomfortable doing this, I would just stay on snow leopard, or consider getting a new iMac, the base model is only $1099.

    I personally would recommend upgrading to the 6GB it is cheap, and if you can get friend to do it, its pretty quick as well. And you would instantly see performance increases.

    • Answered by Denton L from Temple
    • 07 9, 15