Can Macbook Pro or Air can have two OS in one laptop?

I'm an apple product consumers lovers. I want to ask about the Macbook Pro 13-inch laptop. Is the Macbook Pro are able to have two operating systems on which I want to install windows 7 into it? Because the majority of the education system in Malaysia, many of them use windows 7 than the iMac system. So, it is difficult for me to solve a specific task has been given by our lecturer during my studies there. I hope you can give some opinions on my problem. Thank you.

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    Yes, you can, because apple makes a program called Bootcamp which it ships with all of it's Mac computers. All you need is a Mac and a copy of Windows 7, and Bootcamp will make the process frighteningly easy.

    • Answered by David D from Williamstown
    • 07 24, 12