Can the hard drive on an imac be replaced?

I am interested in an imac but worried about what happens in its hard drive melts. Can it be replaced? or I'll need a new computer at that point.

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    The iMac, internally, is very much like a laptop - only with the screen facing outwards and not foldable. There's no real special magic beyond design.

    The hard drive is replaceable if needed, but only by someone with the right tools and knowledge about how to get the chassis apart. That, in most people's cases, would be your local Apple Store or authorized retail outlet.

    The nice part about repairs to most Apple products is that they're comparatively affordable to their PC counterparts. As an example; Replacing the power-supply on my 2006 vintage iMac was all of $70 (Canadian funds) after tax. Most PC power supplies cost that much just to buy, let alone be installed by a professional.

    • Answered by Neil B from Victoria
    • 07 18, 12