Can't decide what Mac to invest in.

Looking for a large capacity desktop mac with small size, high capacity, high performance, and high energy efficiently engineered. Plus I'd like to use it with my existing display, which is multi-source, and displays in 3D. What would you recommend?

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  • The Mac mini will meet most of your requirements. It is tiny, it can be ordered with dual hard drives (and you can put an SSD in later), i7 processor, and use as much energy as a lightbulb at full load. The only thing lacking is the graphics, but if you only hook up one display it might be good enough.

    The next step up is an iMac, which is a monitor with a computer inside. You can hook up your existing monitor to it. It has better graphics than the mini, but worse power consumption. If you get the 27" iMac, you can upgrade to a 2 GB graphics card, which should be more than enough to run both monitors at the highest settings.

    • Answered by Daryl T from Junction City
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