Does Macbook Pro with retina display support IR remote?

Looks like Macbook Pro with retina display do not has IR receiver compare with old Macbook Pro.

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    No, it doesn't. There is no IR sensor on the front of the new Retina MBP. There is also no battery indicator on the side so you have to open it up and use the one in the Menu Bar. Very annoying.

    • Answered by John I
    • 06 16, 12
  • MacBook Pro with Retina display does not have IR support. However, if using Apple Keynote, you can theoretically use the Keynote Remote App on you iPhone to run your presentation using Bluetooth or or Wi-fi when both devices are connected to the same Wi-Fi network.

    You may also use the Remote app to control iTunes from your iPhone.

    This is probably possible with certain iPods as well.

    • Answered by 'segun O from Winnipeg
    • 09 20, 12
  • No - its annoying at first. However, Targus makes an excellent IR controller. It fits into the hand very well, seems to have a better range than Apple's, and it comes with a built-in laser pointer. The small IR receiver, which fits into a USB slot on the MacBook is stored neatly between two AAA batteries in the Targus device. One battery is active; the other is a spare. Very handy.

    I think you will like the device. Best-Buy has Targus IR controllers as do Fry's Electronics.

    • Answered by Philip A from Scottsdale
    • 04 21, 13
  • Unfortunately it doesn't but i did find this search Google for " Ir sensors that work with mac"
    and click the 4 link

    It plugs in threw USB and it works with the apple remote which you can buy for 20 bucks or it comes with apple TV.

    • Answered by Anthony A from Brampton
    • 10 24, 12
  • Could you / s.o. please specify which USB-IR works with the Apple Remote Control?
    I find this feature very essential. Thanks

    • Answered by Jan S
    • 12 9, 12