Does word and powerpoint come with macbook 13''?

see I'm going to boarding school in hawaii and I need som ething that has word and powerpoint so I can write papers and do projects. but I also need something that lets me download photos and music and be able to skype with my family. it also needs to have great internet connection very portable any easy to deal with. that also has a great anti virus protection. oh yeah and there is a great science program so I'm gonna need something that helps me in that department. is this possible?

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    Hi, CN.

    This is Apple so there is no Word or Powerpoint per se as these are Microsoft programs. You have two options:

    (1) Use the Apple equivalents - Pages and Keynote. (Numbers is the equivalent of Excel)

    (2) Install Office for Mac onto your Mac (separate software) to run applications like Word on the Mac natively.

    There is a third option, using free programs like Open Office. But I am not too familiar with it, although there is supposed to be a great support page in this site for users of OO.

    If portability if your key concern, the Air will be your best bet. (Just watch the price.)

    Apple products are not susceptible to PC viruses. If there are viruses, Apple will send you updates ASAP when needed.

    Not sure what software you had in mind for the "great science program". Maybe you could try browsing through the Mac App Store - with thousands of apps, you just might find one there for your specific needs.

    Macs automatically "looks" for wi-fi connections wherever you are.

    My iPad has a Skype app so I don't see why a Mac can't have it also.

    Photos and music (and using them in creative ways) is one of Apple's strongest points.

    Hope this helps,

    • Answered by Joey R from Quezon City
    • 01 29, 12