How difficult is it to switch from PC to Mac?

Ive been a dedicated PC user for many years now and ive decided its time to see what Mac have to offer.

A few friends have experience with Macs and they give them rave reviews but im not sure about how easy it will be for me to switch from the PC system I have always known to the completely new Mac system.

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    I was a hardcore PC person. Never thought much about a mac other than they cost to much. I wasn't being fair to Mac because I never gave a fair trial and error with them. This year I sat down at best buy and played with a few Mac's with the sales guys from apple. I was really impressed with it. Then a few days later I used my PC one last time. I ordered my Macbook pro. I received it two days later and I haven't looked back. I'm fixing to order a desktop for the house. I have an iPhone and I'm also thinking of getting an iPad. You'll love it once you use it. Very easy to switch from PC to Mac. Life get's easier.

    • Answered by Mark T from Burlison
    • 10 10, 11
  • Picking up what's different on the Mac will be easy; "un"learning your PC may take a little more time. You may well have more time to do fun things because you'll probably spend less time tinkering with the Mac. Updates are much more streamlined, installing apps off the App Store is very easy. You can run Windows natively if you want (or using emulation software like Fusion or Parallels).

    The most accurate advice I've heard about whether to go PC or Mac was from the Tech Guy Leo Laporte - if most of your friends use a PC, and especially if your "guru" who you go to for most computer questions uses a PC, you're probably better off staying with a PC. If, however, your friends and/or guru use Macs, or you have NO person who helps you out with these things, then get a Mac.

    • Answered by Greg S from San Antonio
    • 03 24, 12
  • I did it in 2week's, best thing I ever did, do your self a favor, get a Mac desk top, you get what you pay for, no virus, I have had mine for 7 years no problems.
    if you do you can do system restore to a date it was working good easy.

    • Answered by Jack F from Irvine
    • 05 31, 14