How much storage would I need for my MacBook air in high school?

I was just wondering what MacBook would be suitable for high school, since i'm not sure how much RAM and GBytes I would need. Here are some things it would need, it would have to be a 13inch Mabook air though.

-Fast, I would need to me able to access apps.
-Lots of storage ( Since I am taking film class as well, using IMOVIE quite a bit, but also genuine notes, presentations, papers, notes)
-Being able to have multiple tabs open eg, music, notes, word doc, keynotes, 5 tabs of internet open)
-Long battery life
- I do , do lots of gaming , minecraft etc, so very good screen for like eliminating lag etc.
- Lots of ports ( For a mouse, 2 usb's , hard drive, but I guess the USB port would do that)
-Ear phone port ( If possible)

Please can I have answers ASAP, I don't start high school until January 2015, but I need to know since we need to know bow much and find a good deal etc.

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