How to download OS Lion as Mountain Lion isn't compatible?

I got given an iMac 2006 recently with OS version 10.4. I discovered I couldn't download any IWorks software (or do anything, no itunes, no adobe download...). I bought Mac OS X Snow Leopard and installed it only to find I STILL couldn't download iWorks! So I try to buy OS Mountain Lion which isn't compatible for 2006 iMacs.
How to I download Lion? It's no longer on the app store due to the recent release of Mountain Lion. I only need to use this Mac for college work (pages, numbers etc). As this iMac was given to me and I have already spent 25 quid on it buying OS Snow Leopard I don;t want to waste it. I would also appreciate a way to download an older version of iWorks if it is impossible to download Lion :)

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