How well does a MacBook Air run programs such as Final Cut, iMovie, iPhoto, Photoshop, GarageBand, Sibelius etc.?

My current MacBook doesn't handle big-memory software very well - it tends to start freezing up when I am trying to edit videos or record songs. I am going to start college soon and am trying to decide between the MacBook Air and MacBook Pro. I would much prefer to carry around the lighter MacBook Air, but if it can't handle the software I use then I may have to go with the Pro. Any advice? Thanks!

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    The 13 inch Macbook Air works really great with Final Cut X if most of what you are doing is adding Title Blocks, Cutting Footage, and doing a little color correcting to your video. If you intent to add a lot of Motion Graphics I would go with a Macbook Pro. As far as to how it runs Photoshop, I've had absolutely no lags or problems with Photoshop CS6 on my Macbook Air. Garageband does good also but if you are planning to upgrade that experience and use Logic Pro in the future I would again recommend the more powerful Macbook Pro. I love the portability of my Air and can edit just fine on it.

    • Answered by Luis R from Keene
    • 09 19, 12
  • Go with MacBook Pro definitely! The MacBook air is nice and portable but in order to make it that small apple had to take out the larger hard drive and the larger memory and the better processor. The MacBook pro has all these features and you are able to upgrade still with the MacBook pro to extra large hard drives (ex 750 Gb) and extra fast processors (2.7 Ghz) and them there's still the memory which you are able to boost to 8 Gb.

    • Answered by Jacob H from St. John's
    • 09 25, 11