How well will the lower-end 15-inch MacBook Pro (non-retina) run games?

There were other questions regarding gaming on the MacBook Pro, but none of them asking about this very specific model.

15-inch (non-retina) 2.3 Ghz
2.3 Ghz quad-core intel core i7
4GB 1600MHz memory
500GB 5400-rpm hard drive1
Intel HD Graphics 4000
NVIDIA GeForce GT 650M with 512MB of GDDR5 memory

The general consensus is that the 13 Pro won't run games very well and the higher end 15 will run games very well. Considering that the "higher end" 15 can be 3.6 Ghz as opposed to 2.3 and 8GB of memory as opposed to 4, one should ask if a lower-end 15 can run games well (even if it were better than the 13) cause it's still miles apart from a higher-end 15.

The most graphic-intensive game I see myself playing would be DC Universe Online (via VMWare) and I'd like to check out Phantasy Star Online 2 next year.

Would the model I'm considering be able to run those games smoothly?

Of course I know it wouldn't run it as well as a higher end 15, but if it could smoothly display graphics not too far away from what you'd see on a PS3 and it does so without being choppy, I'd be extremely happy.

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    I think the specific build you mentioned above will handle games very well. The dedicated graphics card (only available on the 15 inchers) will increase performance dramatically. You will also appreciate the extra screen real estate and higher resolution. If you get it and you feel that you still need a stronger machine, you can bring it back within 14 days and they'll let you exchange it, no problem. Good luck and enjoy your new Macintosh!

    • Answered by Anthony A from Ronkonkoma
    • 07 12, 12