I am considering a new Mac Pro and am wondering which one is best suited for final cut studio?

I have a 15'' Mac Pro and I want to buy a new one. I was thinking on getting the new 13'' MacBook Pro but i'm not sure if to get that one or the new 15''. Usually i use the normal applications but sometimes i work with Final Cut Pro so I was wondering if the 13'' will work properly with that software.

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  • There are two parts to this answer, firstly if you are used to a 15" MacBook Pro and are happy with it, the you probably will not like downsizing to a 13" display. So i would stick with a new 15" MacBook for this reason.

    The second part is that the 15" MacBooks come with higher specifications than the 13" models so by getting a 15" you will see more speed with processor intensive applications such as Final Cut Pro.

    And finally just to answer the question on if Final Cut Pro works on a 13" MacBook. The answer is yes, although you may not work in Final Cut will using a smaller screen.

    • Answered by Tr T
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