I am considering an iMac and want to run windows 7 pro using virtualisation. Is 4G Ram enough? Can I allocate 1G only to windows 7 pro?

The windows 7 are for older business programs which are not intensive. Not involved in gaming

3 Answers from the Community

  • 1GB of RAM is the minimum that Windows 7 can run fully on, so personally I would allocate around 1.5GB to get better performance and still be able to use your iMac.

    • Answered by Sally-ann P
    • 11 22, 12
  • I use 4gb but I have found if you can use Boot Camp it is far superior. At least I feel that way. But you can as I have, AIM the virtual Machine at the boot camp partition but I would give it at least 1.5 gigs not a mere 1 gb. Unless you choose to run just one Windows app vs the whole OS.

    • Answered by Richard B from Fulton
    • 11 19, 12
  • no, ram is for opening application and system filess so at least 4 gb is recomended for good use of windows.

    • Answered by Atman S from Rajkot
    • 11 19, 12