I am thinking of a Macbook Pro 13". I want to be able to stay up with the times.

I know they say buy as much RAM as you can afford, but will it make that much difference to my every day use over the next couple of years, in fact how long do you believe generally we should keep our Mac before a change?

I sort of believe that the consensis will be buy the dearest and it will last. I am thinking 13" Mac Pro 8GB i7. Do you think its the best for me given I do a lot of word docs etc. ??


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    I don't think the higher the RAM the better, it is just a waste if you don't even use it. I chose to go with the default 2GB option and it is perfectly fine for me. I often have multiple documents and windows open with minimal lag. 8GB is absolutely overkill for word processing if you ask me,

    • Answered by Luke O from Brisbane
    • 09 13, 12