I just recently purchased the new MacBook 12 in. What is the best cooling pad to buy for this device I plan on light gaming and don't want to overheat

I know it's not the best device for gaming but this is the only computer I have so I do plan on doing some light gaming on it. I'm just concerned with it over heating my computer. Can you give me specific cooling pads that will work for the new MacBook 12 inch. I've searched all online but I am completely lost. I plan on playing world of Warcraft, not heavily, but maybe a couple of hours. I know the quality will not be great but that is not a concern. I just do not want to melt anything since this computer doesn't have a fan and I don't want it to keep shutting down due to getting too hot.

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  • I understand your concern but i don't think it's a problem since that's how it is designed (low performance). If you compare it to the iPad and iPhone (or any other phone/tablet), they also don't have fans and run for years without having any damage due to heat up. I recommend you to contact apple through the chat support to confirm if it can ever be damaged due to continues heat

    • Answered by Ali S from Dayton
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