I m a Photographer, can Mac Pro 13-inch: 2.9 GHz work with Adobe Photoshop, Lightroom and Aperture smoothly?

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    Absolutely. Just bought one for my girlfriend with whom I run a photography studio. To be honest though, I kind of regret not buying her the retina 2.3 with 16gb of ram.

    Important thing is the i7 gives you hyper-threading (4 virtual cores). Now or later, you can easily update the machine with a SSD and up to 16gb of ram. This is what I did. Apple only "supports" 8 gb but I put 16gb in her machine from macsales.com (OWC) and it works fine. Only $170 for 16gb of ram! An OWC 240gb SSD or vertex 4 is half the price Apple charges.

    Getting the 2011 2.5 i7 refurbished or used might be a great way to go as well, but I really wanted USB 3. You get thunderbolt and a discreet gpu vs the integrated graphics in the 13" models.

    And just so you know, we work with massive 36mp files (Nikon D800).

    If you really feel you need more power but have a tight budget, i would wait for the 2012 iMacs.

    • Answered by James D from Los Angeles
    • 07 20, 12