I need a Mac that can handle Logic Pro, which is best?

Hi There,
I'm about to start Further Education and one of my for AS-levels is Music Technology, which I plan to pursue right up to degree level.

The majority of studios nowadays use Logic Pro, or Pro Tools, and in my instance I would be using Logic Pro at sixth form.

I'm not in the best position for money right now, so which Mac (laptop) do I get?

I would prefer a 13" Mac Book Pro to a Mac Book - can't stand the white look!
But the lovely quadcore 15" i7 looks like a beauty...

Can the 13" MBP i7 handle Logic Pro? (I will eventually do a RAM upgrade too!)

PS. I also do a lot of DJing and Visuals (VJing), along with graphics design in InDesign, Illustrator & Photoshop. Please consider this.


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    I mostly use Logic Studio on the iMac (an older one) for composing, recording, mixing and limited mastering. I have never even begun to stress my system (2.8GHz Core 2 Duo with 4 GB 800MHz DDR2 RAM) even when working with over 40 tracks and multiple instances of memory hogs like Kontakt4, Alchemy and Massive soft synths with loads of soft effects.

    Now I am needing to be portable and I can almost guarantee that the MacBook Pro 15 with 2.0 ghz I7 with 4GB RAM will be more than enough to handle anything you can throw at it with Logic Studio 9. (Disk space is another issue, but I assume you will use an external FW800 drive if things get crazy). I have several friends who use older and less speedy MBPs on the road and say nothing but good things.

    You could even get by with the 13" MBP, but the Logic screens get pretty small on a 13" (I am spoiled by a 24" iMac). The real question is could a Macbook Air actually work? I don't think so due to the amount of disk space we need for all the Logic plug-ins and such, but Thunderbolt drives could fix that issue pretty soon.

    Personally, I will be buying the 15" quad-core I7 MBP and think that it is probably overkill for Logic 9. But I need the screen real estate. And, yeah... the cost of the MBP 15 or 17 really creates a pucker factor.

    • Answered by Scott A from Sioux Falls
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