I want to create apps for apple, but I don't know which MBP I need? 13" Retina Display or 15" Retina Display?

Shall I get the 13"RD Or should I go with the 15" RD? And if I was to configure it, what configurable add ones should I be looking at?

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  • It depends what your going to do with it. If you want to splash the cash then go for the 15" but if you're low on cash, go for the 13". If your going to do apps the personally I would go for the option with the best CPU, highest amount of storage available and good graphics. Personally I'd go for the 15" because there's more screen space to see more on what you are doing and it's got the best graphics ( better than the 13" that is)! So it comes down to what you really want! If you have a lot of money, go for the 15" but if you're short on money, go for the 13"! But remember! You'll need money for developing fees and sending the apps that you make to the App Store! So it dipends on how much money you have and how much you're willing to pay! Good Luck!

    • Answered by Meilir O
    • 11 17, 12