If I buy Applecare for iPhone5 will it also cover iMac if I buy one?

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  • Depends on the problem and the provider. When I got my iPhone I did have issues because of the switch in iOS and mavericks from lion. So there's a great deal of support apple is providing now that jobs is not watching. I'm much more happy with apple support now than ever. They really worked on issues that I would have on one device and not have on the others. Location services, keychain etc, are the areas, that interconnect and cause little glitches here and there. And apple did investigate and resolve those issues on my mac though I had apple care on my iPhone. As long as it isn't provider related, I've been very much helped by apple care and the legion of apple gods. The only holdback is airdrop and some systems. ITs still kinda lost in space. But AirPrint printing???? It's the best thing you can do for an iPhone and other devices, that's another segment of the multi device puzzle that can hold you back. I had waited till the death of my non AirPrint, and now see what everyone was clamoring about.

    • Answered by Jennafer Y from Kayenta
    • 05 22, 14