I'm looking at the MacBook Air and MacBook, but I'm concerned about the keyboard. Which has a better keyboard? Pros and cons (keyboard related)?

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    I've got the Macbook 2015 and I love the keyboard, much better than other keyboards including Air IMO. Best thing is to go to a store and try it....

    • Answered by Mark H
    • 07 27, 15
  • Okay so there really isn't anything bad about the new keyboard unless you prefer the classic feel of an apple laptop. What apple has done is they basically made the new keyboard different and a little smaller. They do have a noticeable feel which, if your like me and has had other apple laptops with normal keyboards, take a bit of getting used to. The new keyboard in my opinion is worse than the other one because of it's feel, but that could just be because I'm not used to it. If I were you, I'd get the Macbook Air overall.

    • Answered by Dani P from Old Bridge
    • 07 6, 15