ipad or macbook pro?


I am a college student and am about to enter grad school for accounting. My classes typically involve a lot of note taking and instead of buying spirals every semester, it would be nice to be able to bring either a portable macbook or ipad with me instead. I currently have a windows laptop that is very useful but the only problem is that a tiny piece of the housing broke and has left me with a battery compartment that does not hold the battery in place anymore (it now has duct tape to support it).

The facts:
> I have several songs and movies stored on my hp laptop as well as have it networked to my home theater which makes movie watching very convenient and nice which having said that, I am not looking to completely replace my current laptop, just something that I can lay on the couch and use or use when I am at school or work. The windows laptop will be retired to my desk

> The battery life lasts fairly decent still on my laptop but it's a pain to lug around sometimes and overheats in my lap which is annoying

> I want something that is going to be the biggest bang for my buck and something that is the most useful in terms of note taking, web & email, and games (apps)

> My brother has a macbook and he loves it but again, I don't know which one is better for my situation. Also he can download apps and I don't know if those are similar to the apps an iPad has or not

> I just bought an iPhone 5 in october and LOVE IT...a lot of forums similar to my situation mentioned they had iphones so I guess that's relevant lol

> My parents bought me an iPad 2 for christmas so time's somewhat of a factor because if I go with a macbook pro I have so much time before I can't exchange it

Any and all feedback would be GREATLY APPRECIATED!!!

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  • yes

    • Answered by Nelson Jr. L from Davao
    • 06 28, 14